I want to contribute to a more sustainable and long-term oriented thinking and decision making by offering thorough economic analysis.

My name is Dr. Christian Hott. I am an independent economic advisor with over 15 years experience in analysing economic developments and forces. I provide sustainable added value by imparting economic reasoning, developing instruments and indicators and contributing to a content rish communication.

In particular, I support my clients in the focus areas economic development, financial stability and the regulation of the financial sector. These are typical questions of my clients that might also be relevant for you:

Economic development:

  • How high is the long-term potential growth in different economies?
  • What is the social and economic contribution of my industry?
  • How can we address the challenges of the demographic change?


Financial stability:

  • What is the long-term outlook for interest rates and which challenges result from the low yield environment?
  • How high are potential risks and returns in different financial markets?
  • What are the main economic risks for financial institutions and how can we address them?


  • Which are good indicators for financial sector risks?
  • Which are the unintended consequences of regulatory measures?
  • How do newly introduced regulations affect financial institutions?

My clients profit from my experience, my big picture thinking, my academic background as well as my network. Tailored to the needs of varying target audiences, I prepare the results of my analysis in form of briefings, internal reports or external publications. In addition, I impart my insights in corresponding lectures, presentations at international conferences or internal development sessions of my clients.


I always aim to create sustainable added value. This means gaining insights which persist independently of short term developments and which put these short term developments into an economically founded broad and long-term perspective.


This webpage gives you a brief overview of my areas of expertise, a snapshot of past projects and my views on topical economic and financial developments.


Enjoy the read and contact me with your comments and questions. I’m looking forward to getting to know you, to discuss economic and financial issues and to plan joint projects. Our 17th century "office building" at the Baltic See is the perfect place for productive workshops with clients and cooperation partners.

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