Economic Development

When you are looking for long-term economic outlooks, an assessment of public policy measures or an appraisal of the economic relevance of your industry, I can help you.

Examples of recent projects:

  • the social and economic role of banks and insurers
  • measures to kick start long-term investments in Europe.

Food for thought:

The interlinkages between financial and real economic developments have often been underestimated. The financial crisis has highlighted its negative effects as it has triggered a loss in private wealth, forced public austerity measures and led to a standstill of economic activity. In order to end the resulting public hostility and wave of new regulations but also to make business models more sustainable, there is a need for financial institutions to concentrate on their core economic role.


One important role is the provision of funding for real investments. The lack of sufficient long-term investments is currently high on the political agenda and the discussion of policymakers concentrate on ways to attract new funding sources. However, by creating political incentives to invest in certain assets, policymakers risk creating new imbalances. Instead it would be important to have stable framework conditions.

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