Answering your research questions and developing custom made instruments

Questions of public policy customers include:

  • How can we make the pension system more efficient and sustainable? Should we increase or decrease the dependence on public pay-as-you-go pensions?
  • How can we design macroprudential instruments that reduce risks for the financial system? What are plausible stress scenarios and how high benchmark losses?
  • How do newly introduced regulations affect financial institutions? Which are the unintended consequences of regulatory measures?


Questions of financial sector customers (banks, insurers and fintechs):

  • How high is the long-term potential growth in different economies? What is the long-term outlook for interest rates and which challenges result from the low yield environment?
  • How high are potential risks and returns on different financial markets as well as real estate markets? What are relevant stress scenarios?
  • How does big data and increasing risk classification affect the insurance market?
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