Recent Publications

  • with B. Keller „Implications of Our Aging Population“ (2017), Insurance Thought Leadership,
  • with E. Kaske “Neue Impulse für die Altersvorsorge“ (2016),,
  • A Model of Mortgage Losses and its Applications for Macroprudential Instruments” (2015), Journal of Financial Stability, Vol. 16, 183-194. [also in: Discussion Paper Deutsche Bundesbank, No. 34/2013]
  • “Outlook for Latin America’s Insurance Sector” (2015), Financial Service Advisor, a publication by The Dialogue, December 3-16, 2015.
  • with B. Keller “Big Data, Insurance and the Expulsion from the Garden of Eden” (2015), Newsletter Insurance Economics, No. 72, July 2015, The Geneva Association.
  •  “Fundamental and Non-Fundamental Explanations for House Price Fluctuations” (2015), Oesterreichische Nationalbank, Proceedings of OeNB Workshops, No. 19, 42-49.
  • with B. Keller, F. Liczba, P. Riga, A. Ruof, M. Strnad, D. Swaden and P. Wöhrmann “Benefits and barriers: global insurers’ role in foreign direct investment” (2014), working paper, Zurich Insurance     Company.
  • with J. Berset, M. Christen, H. Germann, D. M. Hofmann, B. Keller and K. Müller „Long-term investments, risks and regulation: an insurance perspective.“ (2014), Risk Nexus, Zurich Insurance Company.
  • with B. Keller and R. Suter “Insurance in Latin America – Economic Growth Brings New Opportunities” (2014),, February 13, 2014.
  •  “An Economic Approach to Market Risk” (2013), in: Berlemann, M. und Maltritz, D.(ed.) Financial Crises, Sovereign Risk and the Role of Institutions. Springer International Publishing.
  • “Insuring Natural Catastrophes in Latin America” (2013), Financial Service Advisor, a publication by The Dialogue, October 9, 2013.
  • “Leverage and Risk Taking under Moral Hazard” (2013), Beiträge zur Jahrestagung des Vereins für Socialpolitik 2013: Wettbewerbspolitik und Regulierung in einer globalen Wirtschaftsordnung - Session: Leverage, No. D21-V1.
  •  “The Influence of Herding Behaviour on House Prices” (2012), Journal of European Real Estate Research, Vol. 5 Issue 3 [Winner of the 2013 Outstanding Paper Award].
  • with T. Jokipii “Housing Bubbles and Interest Rates” (2012), Swiss National Bank Working Papers, 2012-7 [see also corresponding article on].
  • with J. Arkell and B. Keller “The Role of Insurance in Latin America” (2012), Zurich Insurance Group.
  • "Lending Behavior and Real Estate Prices" (2011), Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 35, Issue 9, 2429-2442.


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