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In particular, I support my clients in the focus areas financial stability, insurance economics and asset allocation. These aresome examples of my work which might also be relevant for you:


  Financial Stability Insurance Economics Asset Allocation
  • Model of Mortgage Losses and Applications for Macroprudential Instruments
  • Herding Behaviour and Disaster Myopia
  • Lending Behaviour and Real Estate Prices
  • Impact of Aging on Optimal Retirement Funding
  • Impact of Climate Change on Insurance
  • Big Data and Premium Insurance
  • Fundamental Real Estate Prices
  • Asset Price Fluctuations
  • An Economic Approach to Market Risk
  • Stress Tests
  • Countercyclical Instruments
  • Tool to deal with longevity risk
  • Index Insurance for Agriculture
  • Fundamental Market Indicators (e.g. stocks and real estate prices)
  • Financial Stability Report
  • Evaluation of Too Big To Fail Regulation
  • Low Interest Rates and Life Insurance
  • The Role of Insurance in Latin America
  • Long-term investments, risks and regulation


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